Katie Gingrass Gallery
Past Exhibitions at the Katie Gingrass Gallery

Past Exhibitions at the Katie Gingrass Gallery

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July 2014

Gesture Show

The Gesture show will feature various gallery artists who display an affinity for finding and bringing out life's movement and form in their work. The use of all different kinds of media exemplifies the skills of these artists. The Gesture Show will feature renowned artists Jody dePew McLeane, Marla Baggetta, Natalie Blake, Scott Hefti, Jean Crane, Colette Odya Smith, Denise Prenell-Weidner, Joel Hunnicutt, and Emily Wilson.


From Heaven to Earth

March 25 - June 2014

From Heaven to Earth - Ceramics Show

Curtis Benzle, Bennet Bean, Melissa Greene, Jef Raasch, Natalie Blake, Michael Ware, Chuck Solberg, James Aarons, Margaret Haydon


RIT Alumni Invitational

March 14 - 29 2014

R.I.T. School for American Crafts - Ceramic Alumni Show

RIT Alumni Invitational


Tom Nachreiner

November 29 - January 4 2014

Tea for Two

The Katie Gingrass Gallery presents a collection of unique teapots curated by Joan Houlehen and Mary Bock. Join us for a Tea Party and enjoy finger food and an assortment of Rishi teas.


Tom Nachreiner

October 1 - November 16 2013

The Paintings of Tom Nachreiner

The Paintings of Tom Nachreiner feature fresh cityscapes from Wisconsin's own American Impressionist.


006 Softail Slim

August - September 2013

Heavy Duty

Mathew Hintz of Hintz Studios creates stunning, personalized motorcycle oil paintings inspired by his 17 years working closely with Willie G. Davidson and the Styling department at Harley-Davidson Motor Company.


006 Softail Slim

June - July 2013

Hear and Now



In Bloom

April – June 2013

In Bloom

Katie Gingrass Gallery will be celebrating the excitement of Spring by bringing the outdoors in for the April – June exhibition. Featuring floral work by Patrice Procopio, Pat Hidson, Laura Easey-Jones, Jean Crane, David Schaefer and others.


Artists of Wisconsin

January – March 2013

Gallery Artists of Wisconsin

Artists include: Pat Hidson, John Mominee, Colette Odya Smith, Lynn Schoenecker, Scott Hefti, Jody dePew McLeane, Tom Nachreiner, Leslie DeMuth and Chip Gianakos



March 2013

SGCI Print MKE Conference

During the month of March, the Katie Gingrass Gallery will feature collotypes from Das Werk Gustav Klimts. This series of collotypes depicts Klimt’s most significant paintings between the years of 1898 and 1913. The artist administered the printing project himself and created a unique gold ink seal for each image produced.

Also featured in March are lithographs by Malcolm Liepke (American painter, born 1954).


Art to Wear

October 2012 – January 2013

Art to Wear

Annual Art to Wear Exhibition featuring handcrafted clothing from local, national and international artists. The show will feature handpainted silks, knitwear, and accessories from a variety of designers including Pat Palson, Hans Christensen, Elizabeth Rubidge, Agne Audejiene, Red Rover, and Ulrieke Benner.



October – December 2012


The Green Exhibition will feature work that is inspired by nature or created from found objects/recycled materials. A portion of gallery sales will be donated to the Urban Ecology Center, a local organization that educates and inspires people to understand and value nature as motivation for positive change, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Featuring work by David Schaefer, Lynn Schoenecker, Patrice Procopio, Christine Alfry, Alberta Marana, Emily Wilson, Pat Hidson, Chip Gianakos, Colin & Meghan Donnelly


Summer in the City

July – September 2012

Summer in the City

Summer is here and Milwaukee is buzzing with excitement and activity. Our Summer in the City exhibition celebrates the beauty and vitality of our great city during these warm months.

Featuring work by David Schaefer, Josh Benishek, Neil Rongstad,
Tom Shropshire, Stephanie Barenz, Scott Hefti


The Lost Embroideries

April – June 2012

The Lost Embroideries

The husband and wife team of Rauschke and Wiken present Lost Embroideries. In the 1980’s, Kaaren created six embroideries representing the six biospheres of planet Earth. These embroideries were recently “rediscovered” by the duo and Tom created a new and unique biosphere for each of them – the North Woods, an African Savannah, a Desert, a Tropical Rainforest, the Mountains, and the Arctic.

Featuring work by Tom Rauschke, Kaaren Wiken


Vintage Poster Collection

January – March 2012

Vintage Poster Collection

Our annual Vintage Poster Exhibition includes a wide variety of American & European advertising posters from the 1880’s through the 1980’s by artists such as Cappiello, Chagall, Cheret, and Villemot.


October – December 2011

Go Figure

Featuring work by Sasha Kinens, Leslie Nolan, Helen Poser, Janet Roberts, Sergio Lopez and Laura Easey-Jones


July – September 2011

Stay Still

The still life is perhaps one of the most iconic of all subject matter in the history of painting. With a past chock full of tradition and institutional sameness, it can be easy to overlook the still life’s role in contemporary art. However, Stay Still embraces the banality of the everyday and instead presents us with artwork that allows us to recognize the simple splendor we so often encounter. The work in Stay Still is about lifting those ordinary, unremarkable objects and instances onto a pedestal; about recognizing the importance and beauty of the everyday occurrence. This show is extremely diverse; soft sculptures of household objects and fruits and vegetables posed as people give an updated take on the modern still life while other artists remain true to traditional imagery, providing a bridge between past and present.

Featuring work by Blythe Church (Sewn by Blythe), Bob Fojut,
Nancy MacDonald, Darren Maurer, Milo Mirabelli, Jeff Mulloy,
Sara Mulloy, Michael Van Zeyl and William Zuback


April – June 2011

Au Naturel

To be “au naturel” is to be stripped down, brought back to the simplest form. But it is also a metaphor for a fresh start. And as the last piles of snow slowly disappear and the crisp scent of spring starts to fill the air, we look at both definitions combined. It only seems natural, now, to hang a show that brings with it a feeling of rejuvenation and a new beginning. With Au Naturel, we present a collection of nature-inspired art in a variety of media. Our intent is to show nature at its best; an idealistic view of all the beautiful possibilities that our world can hold.

Featuring work by Christine Alfery, Marla Baggetta, Emily Belknap,
Carmen Benske, Jennifer Falck Linssen, Karin Haas,
Tom Rauschke, Priscilla Robinson, David Schaefer, Lynn Schoenecker, David Sear and Colette Odya Smith Jennifer Falck Linssen and Christine Alfery



January – March 2011


All the colors of the rainbow are held in the white wavelength of light, just to be broken down and let free. White in art, however, serves as possibility, anticipating multitudes of layers or additions in any conceived form. Our new exhibition, WHITE, features artwork created exclusively in shades of white. Creating art under such restrictions allows for the in depth exploration of all other aesthetic and compositional boundaries. This exhibition will present those possibilities which are further examined when color is disregarded.

Featuring work by James Aarons, Sarah Budensiek, Katherine Dube,
Susan Dwyer, Kristin Haas, Brian Mancl, Jeff Margolin,
NewBreed Furniture Network and David Schaefer