Katie Gingrass Gallery

Leslie Nolan

Almost without exception, my work involves common human interaction and memory. I'm a people watcher and I wonder what is going on in their day. I am interested in the interactions and relationships between people in both small intimate settings and large groups. Why do some of us engage with strangers and others stand apart?

Initially I conceive of the event or moment that brings a smile to mind, however, as I work on the piece, the figures fall away and all I see are the developing patterns of color. Like a patchwork quilt, square by square it comes together. The pieces of glass allow me to convey the image in a uniquely dimensional way. Glass expresses color differently than any other medium. Saturated or translucent, it adds a dimension to color and expands the palette beyond every crayon in the box. I purposely abstract the figures so that it is the movement and pattern that creates the resemblance. On the surface they seem anonymous, however, the movement draws you in and you find yourself part of the scene, imagining the moment, possibly finding yourself in the cast of characters. By observing, relating, and engaging people in both small and large settings we can learn about ourselves. We are fascinating, exhausting, exhilarating, and messy.