Katie Gingrass Gallery

Laura Foster Nicholson

Chicago textile artist, Laura Foster Nicholson has had a long and illustrious career in her chosen medium and is represented in many major international collections.

Using designs, which are both rational and emotional, Laura’s rich, expressive brocade tapestries serve as representation of formal gardens from around the world. Her inspiration to map gardens in weaving, stems from the idea that architectural & garden plans are built on a grid, like the warp and weft of a loom.

Her largest collection of work captures the restored gardens of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Laura uses a three-harness twill, the simplest one possible and wool yarns that have an aggressive texture. Her brocade threads are silk, rayon or cotton floss and these smooth fibers contrast with the fuzzy wool and “sit” emphatically on the surface.

Most of her pieces use alternating stripes to stress the warp and weft. These patterns structure and support the brocaded images which Laura weaves on top.