Katie Gingrass Gallery

John Mominee

In many ways, John Mominee is a missing link in the transition from painting to printmaking and back again. “I’m trying for purity in form and idea,” says Mominee.

The Wisconsin resident, a full-time painter/printmaker since 1994, brushes oil-based etching inks onto large pieces of Plexiglas, which he then runs through an etching press. Then he transfers the image from the plastic plate to a piece of D’Arches paper.

He is careful to call the result a “transferred painting,” rather than simply a monoprint. Often, he mates the watercolor paper and Plexiglas and runs them through the press more than once, adding line and color to enhance the finished work’s visual complexity.

Mominee also paints directly on wooden panels and canvas. This allows the viewer to get a first-hand look at the surface of his paintings, which are often impressive in scale. Mominee's work appears in numerous corporate collections and he has been commissioned for site-specific work through the Katie Gingrass Gallery for more than 20 years. ~From an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel written by the late James Auer in 2002.