Katie Gingrass Gallery

Milo Mirabelli

Working with wood, for me, is a spiritual experience that brings me closer to understanding one of the most versatile products that we have. The tree provides us with so many options that are very often taken for granted. It provides us shade, warmth and shelter among a few things, and always, unseen beauty. It has served mankind and endured for centuries; it adds that touch of warmth to any room. It is the classic medium of expression that has held true throughout the ages and for those who love it, they must be able to feel it to really see it.

The inspiration for many of my pieces comes from the wood itself, this goes back to the reoccurring theme, “let the wood have a say in its’ ultimate conclusion.”

Milo was a Niche Award Finalist for 2008 as well as 2007 and also has a piece being featured in the National Birds In Art 2007 tour that is sponsored by the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wi. It will travel to the Ward Wildfowl Museum of Art in April 2008 and then on to the Newton Cropsey Museum in Hudson, NY. He will be featured in the yearly publication of Competition Carving in January where this piece will be featured along with all the top birdcarvers in the world.