Katie Gingrass Gallery

Linda Leviton

Patterns and shapes are everywhere. Patterns represent the structural makeup of everything in our world. Sound waves, molecules, cells, leaves, fingerprints….Shapes are the building blocks of patterns as well as the compression of pattern. To combine these two is to balance between the microcosm and the macrocosm in our world, the seen and the unseen. I often feel that whatever an artist creates cannot equal what nature displays. But I can select elements to communicate my vision. Nature in my palette and is an endless source of pattern, texture, and form. It inspires me. Whether I am looking at crushed stone on a mountain side or the trails of insect infestation in rotting wood, I am fascinated by it. The varieties of texture, scale, color and form are everywhere. Whether looking at a macro or micro level, patterns repeat in fresh formations. I make symbolic landscapes because there are other ways to look at a landscape than recreating a snapshot of a particular vantage point. Whether reflecting planar surfaces of rock or the curve of flowing water, these varied modules in the “Patterns of Nature” series come together to make landscapes of elements, weather patterns and flora in a sequence like a story of the world that I want to see. While my everyday landscape is filled with shopping centers, traffic, and housing developments, I choose to have my personal landscape filled with the details that get overlooked in everyday life. The pieces are poems that I have written to myself. The Katie Gingrass Gallery has taken Linda Leviton's work to SOFA Chicago.