Katie Gingrass Gallery

Nan Goss

Paper is my foundation for painting. Paper allows me the opportunity to explore affinities between itself, paint and other medium. The paper assemblages are pieced together with a diverse collection of handmade, embossed, & recycled papers. The paper surfaces are separately altered with a variety of processes including painting, printing, gilding, and patina, rust & wax applications. Through the process of cutting and marrying the various papers, I assemble and reconstruct the altered papers onto canvas, giving the colors and textures a tangible location. I create visual harmony from ensuing chaos. Pieces may be further enhanced with the use of thread, cloth and various industrial, natural or recycled embellishments.”

Original work is exhibited and available in selected galleries in the US, Japan, and Ecuador, and at fine craft show venues including the American Craft markets, Smithsonian Museum, and Philadelphia Museum of Art.