Katie Gingrass Gallery

Suzanne Donazetti

About 15 years ago, I began weaving and painting on metal. After learning to use chemical patinas, I experimented with different materials until I mastered the process of painting on copper. I gild and paint two layers, the warp and the weft, so that the design will remain through the weaving. I use 36 gauge sheet copper as the canvas and metallic leaf, transparent inks, acrylics and powdered pigments for the paints because of the unique qualities each material brings to the others. To make the colors richer, I first gild the metal with copper leaf, or composition silver and gold leaf. After sanding, I spray the paints and inks on the warps and wefts. After the paints dry, I wax the copper to prevent oxidation and facilitate weaving. I then cut and weave the pieces in gentle curves.

You might see my artwork in such places as Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT; the Alaska Supreme Court, Anchorage, AK; The New Mexico Emergency Management Center, Santa Fe, NM; Time Inc. Conference Center, New York, NY; as well as hotels, hospitals and corporate spaces.