Katie Gingrass Gallery

Ellie Burke

I began Flameworking in 1972 and my explorations include an apprenticeship with a scientific glassblower. This experience gave me a wealth of new things to learn, equipment to use and a vast array of forms to master. I love the immediacy of Flameworking. I can make many clusters of grapes and later assemble them into a sculptural perfume bottle, goblet or wall sculpture. The best part about the sculptural work is that I can get absorbed in the process and they become meditations. But I also enjoy the whimsical expression of kissing bunnies. As the French say, “A day without jam is bitter”.

A strong feminine perspective is represented by my perfume bottles. Indeed the material of glass itself for me reflects the great strength and fragility of women. The new work of “Iris” allows me to explore changes in scale for my work. It is restful and contemplative with the feminist stance being quietly understood.